Professional Headshots - Greg Moine Photography
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Professional Headshots

Headshots aren’t just for actors. They’re for any serious professional who wants to convey a great first impression.


  • Because first impressions are critical, I strongly believe everyone deserves a professional headshot. 
  • People take very little time to decide whether they like you or not. If they decide they don’t, then it’s an uphill battle to change their mind. 
  • Wouldn’t it be simpler to get on their good side with a great headshot that showcases you and your personality rightaway?
You deserve a great headshot. Let me help the world like you at first sight!

SILVER HEADSHOT SESSION     (195 | in-studio)

  • 1-2-person session (2nd person: add 150)
  • up to 1 hour
  • Single outfit
  • 3 retouched images sized for Facebook/LinkedIn/Tinder/eHarmony…. No high-res one.
  • Get your images within 72 hours.
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GOLD HEADSHOT SESSION     (295 | in-studio/on-location)

  • 1-2-person session (2nd person: add 150)
  • up to 2 hours
  • unlimited outfits
  • 6 retouched images sized for Facebook/LinkedIn/Tinder/eHarmony…. and THREE HIGH-RES images.
  • Get your images within 24 hours.
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COMPANY HEAD SHOTS SESSION     (495 | in-studio/on-location)

  • for 3 (then 150 / person)
  • up to 2 hours total
  • single outfit
  • 2 edited high. res. images per person
Headshots are reviewed as we go with each person photographed. We’ll select the best two, and I’ll edit them.

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Need headshots done for more than 10 people?
I’ll come to you and setup my studio at your place of business at no additional cost. This’ll minimize downtime for your employees. If you prefer, we can do this in-studio instead. Let’s meet to discuss your specific needs!



I aim to get different looks, so you can use your pictures for various marketing purposes. By “looks”, I mean different face expressions, rather than different outfits. During the session, we’ll take frequent breaks, review all shots on a monitor, decide whether they can be used in some manner, and delete ones we don’t like. I’ll also suggest gestures and poses that can result in more natural expressions.


Editing during the session is great for both of us. When you see that we’re getting great pictures, you settle down and become more comfortable. It allows me to understand what your favorite looks are, and what poses/sides work best for you. Please let me know if you’re not fully satisfied with the direction we’re taking and how we can adjust things so you’re satisfied. That way, after each break, we should get increasingly better pictures!