Family Portraits Sessions - Greg Moine Photography
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How You Can Capture Your Family’s Happiest Moment, And Hold On To It Forever…

Beautiful Fine Portraiture, which brings tears of joy to your eyes each time you look at it, is PRICELESS – especially if it has been created in a location that is meaningful to you and captures the emotions, relationships and style of your loved ones!

I’d like my family portrait session to take place:

Mother and son

In Studio

As a family, we like the convenience of being photographed at a climate-controlled studio, the ability to take breaks as needed, use available amenities, and/or use simple, clean backgrounds that makes our family the star. [up to 60 minutes]


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Family group portrait at Harkness

Outdoors: at a location meaningful to my family

As a family, we like the outdoors. We have our favorite park / beach / secret spot that we’d love to be photographed at, as it’s very meaningful to us! [up to 90 minutes]


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Father-Daughter bond

Indoors/Outdoors in a Lifestyle session

We’d love to capture and document our family’s special event / trip / day-at-home in a candid way. No posing. Just life, as it happens captured in a photo-journalistic way. [up to 4 hours]


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